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Successfully pioneered an innovative business model. Our technology integrates the Internet with desktop software to provide superior products and unmatched service to our customers. Xisha Technologies LLP is strongly committed to ensuring customer satisfaction as well as satisfaction throughout the workforce. We understand the business environment and requirement in our regional markets, and can easily adapt the focus of our staff to generate sales leads. That way, they don’t have to grapple with the logistical, cultural and other problems associated with doing business in these regional markets. In the end Read More which will redirect to About Us main page.

Xshatech Products

The solution helps organization stores, manages and tracks its electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information captured using a document scanner. It integrates seamlessly with other applications and enables them to manage unstructured documents and content. Also, handles Scanned Images, Electronic Documents, Emails and Drawing Images with equal efficiency and ease. The solution will create a unified repository for all documents and folders across the organization including electronic files, paper images and physical documents. Read more will go to solutions page of Enterprise Content Management.

The e-Governance strategy outlines the objectives and the processes for the modernization of Government, as a mean towards enhancement of transparency, accountability and good governance; making the Government more result oriented, efficient and citizen centered for more effective and responsive services delivery realization.

The solution gives the ultimate flexibility to an organization in manging their cash flows and projecting business. It manages a company’s interactions with customers (Existing and Potential) through customer interaction, tracking leads, and streamlining processes. The overall goal of CRM is to increase sales by providing forecasting and increasing business revenue.We at Xisha Technologies provides end-to-end solution with Sales and Marketing Automation Modules, which gives flexibility to have integrations with core systems.Read more will go to solutions page of Customer Relationship

Many companies today uses an HRMS (Human Resource Management System) which is a combination of processes, systems and policies that connect human resource management and technology with a Software application. An HRMS has a roaster plan as well and can be used in Payroll Management, Recruitment, leave process workflows along with attendance, planning and career progression and the annual performance reviews within an organization.HRMS gives and organization a single and centralized view of a company’s workforce by having an integrating with different applications across the organization for better planning.Read more will go to solutions page of Human Resource

Business Process Management (BPM) is a crucial component of digital transformation initiatives everywhere. Customer responsiveness and collaboration are critical and only possible by bringing together people, process and technology. To drive business growth and profitability, more efficient and streamlined business and transactional processes and overall customer experience transformation is the need of the hour.

As the core responsibility of the IC is to carry out inquiry into the workplace sexual harassment complaints, Equipgender can further assist to conduct such proceedings, it includes,

VoIP technologies enable analog telephone communications to be digitally transferred and routed over data networks—whether it’s a wide area network (WAN), a local area network (LAN) or the Internet. In theory, the two packets of communications—digitized voice and data—coexist peacefully and move all over a network. Of course, a third packet—video—has become a major network consideration for 21st-century organizations because it’s a bandwidth hog.

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