Digitization & Data Entry

In many companies, thousands and even millions of documents have been accumulated and more documents are added daily. Storage space alone for those documents is a significant expense, and the inherent problems with paper-based systems have already been reviewed. By converting both archived and newly generated documents into efficient digital documents in PDF format, document
storage space problems are eliminated.

The work of document retrieval is reduced to several clicks of the mouse. The expense of a document imaging system can be recovered in a matter of months from the time and money saved from increased efficiencies.

There is no way to overestimate the value of the straightforward simplicity of our document imaging system. Our document imaging system feeds a paper document through high-speed scanners, and converts the image into an electronic PDF, TIFF, and other files. These industry-preferred file formats are ideal for sharing across a company’s local area network (LAN), accessing over the Internet, or archiving to a hard drive or other media.

At Xisha, our team of reliable and experienced data entry professionals can convert your paper or scanned files into the new required format effectively and with zero defects. Our specialists can handle both short and long-term projects with equal ease. Our skilled data entry service professionals will identify efficient ways to speed up and improve the accuracy of your data entry job and can convert your data entry problems into bottom line profits!
Xisha provides solutions in the following forms:
Scanning Papers and converting them into PDF files.


Xisha’s Range of Data Services includes:
  • Data Capture and Digital Imaging
  • Digitization and Conversion
  • Forms based data capture
  • Manual data entry
  • Full-text data capture
  • Optical Character Recognition