Mobile App Development

With the exploding popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile application development is becoming a more and more popular medium. If you are looking to develop a mobile app for your business, our developers are at your service. We provide Android and iOS App Development services.
The number of people who own Apple iPhones is growing year over year, also Android users show higher brand loyalty. We at Xisha want to offer a unique solution to this huge user base across the globe. We develop iOS apps for iPhones and iPads along with Android mobile application.

Mobile use statistics gives a very successful story for businesses still on the fence:

  • Mobile apps account for over 40% of all time spent consuming digital media.
  • Smartphone users spend about 75% percent of their mobile time on apps.
  • 65% of consumers prefer native mobile apps over a mobile website.
  • Mobile apps account for 40% of all mobile sales.
  • The average consumer has about 15-20 apps installed on his device and spends about 40-50 hours a month using them.

But before you move into the designing phase, you must answer following questions:

  • What do you want your mobile app to accomplish? Where does it fit in your mobile marketing plans?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How do you want your customers to use your app?
  • What platform (or platforms) will you use?
  • What are your competitors doing? Do they have apps? If so, what features do they offer?
  • What is your overall app development budget?
  • What is your timeline for development? When will you launch your app?
  • How will you market and promote your app?

If you haven’t done so, get our app development team members to meet your business operations and do the information gathering and discovery phases. Informed feedback in these discussions will pave the way for a successful development process.