N stands for Neuro:

The neurological system regulates how our bodies function.

L stands for Linguistic:

How we communicate and are communicated with both verbally and non-verbally,

P stands for Programming:

Our (self) programming determines the kinds of models of the world we create.

NLP can be divided into two main areas – using communication to influence others, and using it to improve and empower one’s self. By using carefully structured language and non-verbal communication techniques, it can influence decisions of others. Sales people, negotiators, and managers therefore have used NLP to enhance their competitiveness in business!

NLP is a skillful method for studying what goes on inside a person (subjective experience) –the processes people use to build their unique, distinctive maps or models of the world. NLP is a practical and dependable method for developing and expanding those maps so that effective communication can become a matter of conscious choice.

Some of the Modules of NLP are:


  • NLP for Success
  • NLP for Teachers
  • NLP for Executives
  • NLP for health
  • NLP for Sales
  • NLP for lawyers
  • NLP for students
  • NLP for Diplomats
  • NLP for Police
  • NLP for managing stress